Give Us the Good in This Life and the Next, and Protect Us from Your Fury

Dear God,

It's been awhile since my last pray. I know that I am not your favourite, nor the purest one. In fact, maybe I am the worst among your creatures. But people told me that you never sleep. You always hear our whispers. You always hear our prayers. Then, in this silent night, let me whisper you my prayers.

Dear God,
The one that known by many names,

It's up to you, and will always be your right to either answer or not our prayers. I have heard once some saint said this thing to me: "What is our difference than beggars if we pray only when we need something from God?" No, it's not wrong, nor right. I keep playing it in my mind, what is my difference than beggars, really. You are the conqueror, the owner of heaven and earth. You are the creator of everything. What is my difference than beggars to you? To whom I can ask something if it's not you?

Dear God,
The one who wrote the list of death and life,

Losing someone that we love is something that we can't really bear, and you knew it. That's why you allow us to create cemetery, to allow us remembering our loved ones that have passed away. You allow us to grief. God, it is a difficult time for my loved one. Please gave her strength to bear the pain. Please gave her your light. Let her accept everything that you have wrote since day one. I know that you always gave the best for your creature.

Dear God,
The owner of everything,

I do also in difficult times now, and I know that you knew it. Please gave me strength and show me your light to go through all of this. For all the things that you create, you have decide how one creature will go follow his path that you have made. Please forgive me for all the things and the sins that I have done.

May the night sleep well and the sun will shine bright tomorrow.

Let me finish my pray to you.

"Dear God, give us the good in this life and the next, and protect us from your fury."

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