A Day as A French

Bonjour! Good afternoon monsieur and madmoiselle. It's been awhile since my last review about the best hangout spot(s) in town. Well, actually I already have visited one place that blown my mind since the first time I saw that place. In this occasion, I will tell you how it is like to be a French for a day, haha.

I have made a very big decision last month, approximately in the early October. I am resigning from my previous office which is the most creative agency in the world. Many people trying to get there (seriously, the test is also quite hard for me tho to be hired there) but in the other hand I decide to quit. Well, the reason of it is very personal, in short, I was planning to move to another city so I can be closer to my girlfriend. But shit happen, and I was dumped by her few days after my resignation. Anyway, enough with the sad story, I want to introduce you to Sophie Authentique!

The front side of Sophie Authentique

I invited my colleagues for a farewell there. I have been visiting Sophie Authentique for quite some time before and it has a special place in my heart. Yup, it looks small right? But don't get it wrong! The interior is the best part of it!

The interior of Sophie Authentique

How is it? It looks comfortable right? Hehe. When I went there with my colleagues, we were greeted by the manager itself, Mr. Alexis Malaise. If I was not mistaken, he is the son of Sophie, the founder, and yes, that day is the day of my luck, I also met her. So I decide to have a conversation with both of them.

Sophie didn't want me to take a picture of her, so instead I take a picture with Alexis!

Sophie Authentique was originally established to sell many kinds of pastries and breads (of course they are French pastries and breads). Sophie, the founder, is really love to cook French home food and when she found out that there is no good bakeries nearby, she had this idea to create a good one. Since then, Sophie Authentique grew very fast. Now, they have three places across Jakarta.

When I ask Sophie about the food, she said that basically the food in Sophie Authentique are simple. They are home food, foods that served by the moms to their child in French, just like Indonesian home food. The most interesting point of Sophie Authentique for me is how they sell simple food and introduce their (French) daily meals to us. They didn't sell you something extraordinary, they just want you to try a French mom's cook.

Wanna see their menu? Let me share you mine at that afternoon:

Yes! This is my favourite! Baguette smoked ham! I order it along with fresh milk. What a day!

With its cool interior, fast internet speed, lots of foreigner drop by, and good friends, yes, this is the best hangout spot in town! 

For more details, please visit: sophieauthentique.com

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